Punching A Wild Animal

Soooo, when is the last time you punched or kicked a wild animal? Welcome to my Tuesday evening.

While I was checking out a large map spread across Jane’s table, Jane let Essie and a small pup Alfie outside in the front yard to go …. you know pee pee. Jane steps outside the front yard with them, it’s about 9:30 PM. The sun has finally set and all of a sudden I hear Jane say “oh no, oh no.”

I leave the table quickly and run out to find Jane standing beside a large super large raccoon who had engulfed Alfie. I could hardly see Alfie and I started screaming. , Apparently Jane had just kicked the animal.

All I remember two nights later is screaming, punching, kicking until finally it let loose of Alfie. Immediately the raccoon hopped on top of Essies head. Same scenario kicking screaming swearing taking it up a notch. A few hundred notches. It becomes a more strategic feeling of get this F’ng animal away.

Off the animal scuttled and the dogs limped inside.

I stood there for two seconds while Essie turned a quick turn and peed in the floor. I look to the left and Alfie is spewing blood like a rotary sprinkler.

Jane, a rockstar, takes Alfie into her arms told me to go get a towel which I did as she held Alfie over the sink.

Assessing if bones were broken, eyes and nose still intact. And most importantly, where all the blood was coming from.

I learned in 3 minutes how to handle that kind of trauma from Jane.

The nearest emergency veterinary Hospital is almost 2 hours away. Why does the coast of Oregon not have an emergency vet? Good question.

We decided to watch the animals after we got Alfie’s nose to stop bleeding, for the evening and leave in the morning for the hospital.

Complication….. Jane and Essie were ready to leave the next morning to head to Montana. A big trip! 3 days in the road with Janes Pasttime Camper. Traveling to spend time with her brother Harvey’s family.

In the morning after driving to the Vet we found out that Alfie had puncture wounds from claws and a good deep set of teeth bites in her thigh. Essie got away with one injury just above her left eye. Both dogs received booster shots. Alfi’s on anabiotic’s and an anti-inflammatory for the next week.

I have never had close contact with a wild animal to defend myself or anybody else. Both Jane and I have experienced that now and it comes to me in the middle of the night.

Here on the Oregon coast, we live so closely with nature, that it’s amazing.

Today I saw three bald eagles try to get to a gull’s nest on the top of an Inn that I work at. The mom and the dad gull sent out these screams and squawks and soon other gulls arrived to help defend the nest.

Eventually the Eagles went away but it was really something to see!

I guess at anytime we are put in the position to defend and protect our loved ones. It is a nice realization, that I am up for the challenge.

the aftermath… Alfi is much better.

The Harvey’s

My friend Jane’s younger brother Harvey here pictured with Jane and Forest.. their sister Nancy’s grandson. Jane will be leaving from OR and Harvey and his family will be leaving from Colorado… They will all meet in Red Lodge Montana next week for an awesome family get together!!!

No potable water or inside bathrooms ….but hey all the family will all be there, so that’s good! Right!? Yesssss. ❤️🙄🙋


Get out there… Take a walk in the woods. Take whomever or go by yourself. Safely.

Take deep breaths. Look up, down, left and right. Stop more. Breathe deeply more. Really look, at the light…how it filters through the trees.


Close your eyes.


Be present.

Do this often.


Devil’s Punch Bowl

An extremely low tide and a day off equals adventure.

Walking into what is normally, a churning vortex of seawater and life.. where crabs live in the crevices …. slats about 8′ long and 4 1/2″ tall and who knows how deep. Well, deep enough to hide the crabs.

But when there is a negative tide, Mother Nature allows us to walk into the punchbowl. A very good experience, I must say.

It’s like being where you cannot normally be. But there you are. Special.

Fog and Trees

Much the time in Oregon, it’s misty, foggy…or perhaps the Marine Layer is being sucked in from the Pacific inland because it a lot warmer in Portland…or somewhere near there….

Anyhoo, we have this amazing environment that can change from minute to minute. I have been walking on a beach in full sunlight and two minutes later, completely engulfed in fog and unable to see 3 feet in front of me.

In the forest… close proximity to the ocean… this dynamic becomes magical.


My love is being on and in the water….my goal is to captain my own vessel… kayaking in the ocean is one of the goals but sooooo dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. I will though ….. be my own captain of my own vessel.

Goals. Gotta have them. You only get one chance at this life.